Grays 2013

Grays 2013

Saturday, July 28, 2012

catch up

It has been quite some time since my last blog entry. A lot has happened in our family since the last post. 

This year has been especially hard for me and especially wonderful. Isn't it funny that you can have sorrow and excitement all at the same time?

Joshua would have graduated this year. I knew this was going to be hard but I thought by the time it got here I would have it all together. And many of you if you were honest are thinking that it has been 9 years I should have it together. The reality of loosing a child is every great thing in your life is laced with sadness. And no we never really have it all together, I am not sure this side of heaven that I will ever have it all together. I have enjoyed seeing graduation pictures on facebook and I appreciated all the invitations to graduation that came in the mail. I really did rejoice with all of you and honestly I thought I would be there in the crowd cheering your sweet kids on. But I simply could not do it. I could not sit in the crowd a bereaved mom, knowing that my son was not walking the stage that night. So if  I hurt anyones feelings by not being there then I am sorry. I am guessing however that I was not missed and did not ruin the celebration. 

This year also has marked great joy and excitement in our family as we finalized adoption on Isaiah Scott Gray! What a joy this sweet boy has been in our life. He is now 15 months old, walking and getting into everything! He is healthy with the exception of some lingering lung issues which are being controlled by medication. He is a fabulous little brother as well as a great big brother. That's right in January we welcomed a sweet 2 month old baby boy named Melachai into our home. We are fostering Melachai and are not sure if we will be able to adopt him or if he will go back to his mother. It's been an interesting journey. Melachai is now 8 months and crawling and following big brothers all over the house. Now you know why I have not blogged in a while. 

Russell and I have crammed a lot in our mere five years of marriage but we are content in walking this journey together. I am married to a wonderful man who supports my ups and my downs. He may not understand me most of the time but he is my biggest supporter and cheerleader. I am a blessed women. God sure knew what he was doing when he put us together.